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Jump Masters

Welcome to our exciting new Parkour program at Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. Whether you're a parent or a young aspiring traceur, there's something for everyone in our program.

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Day Camp

Dive into a world of excitement at Santa Barbara Trapeze Co.'s Parkour Day Camp! Perfect for kids aged 8-17, our camp combines trampoline, stunt work, tumbling, and obstacle courses, providing a unique and thrilling experience in movement and physical skill development.

Open Class

Step into the exciting world of parkour with our Open Parkour Classes! Suitable for all ages and skill levels, these classes offer a blend of parkour fundamentals, trampoline, and tumbling in a welcoming atmosphere.

Master Class

Elevate your child's after-school routine with our Parkour Master Classes at Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. Designed for children aged 5-17 separated by age and skill level, these classes offer an immersive experience in parkour, trampoline skills, and tumbling.

Birthday Parties

Watch your birthday dreams leap into action! Our Parkour Birthday Parties offer an exhilarating mix of parkour, trampoline, tumbling, and obstacle courses, perfect for creating an unforgettable birthday experience

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