Kids Master Class

A fun kids workshop series like no other!

Duration: Once a week - same day and time

Length: 2 hours a class

Prerequisite: Take at least 1 class prior to joining.

Same group of people - grow together

It's a workshop to become a master

What you will learn?

Foundational lingo, techniques, and skills

Extensive curriculum of positions, tricks and flying

How to learn and grow with a group of people - giving and receiving encouragement and learning from others who may be more advanced in the
flying progression

Learn how to step past your comfort zone and that it is ok to ‘do scary things’

How dedication and grit pay off when learning complicated new skills and body movements

What will you gain?

Master trapeze skills

Mental and emotional strength

Fantastic physical workout

Courage and self-confidence - deep sense of pride

Bonding experience - Camaraderie amongst your fellow flyers

Overall personal growth

Bragging rights & a fun-fact you can proudly share

An exciting, challenging experience you will never forget


We wrap up the series with a Showcase Event where you can dazzle your friends and family with your aerial mastery!