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Aerial Arts

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Trampoline Classes Taught By Drew

That's right! Regular trampoline programming is finally here at SBTC! Led by none other than our favorite flipping and tumbling extraordinaire, Drew Janssen! 

You can read more about Drew's background here

Drew is very excited to be bringing trampoline classes to SBTC. In agreement with SBTC's beliefs on the importance of fundamentals, Drew believes that skill progression is the backbone of effective trampoline coaching. This involves teaching students a structured series of skills and drills, starting from fundamental movements and gradually building up to more advanced techniques. This systematic approach not only ensures continuous improvement but also minimizes the risk of injury by allowing students to develop the necessary strength, coordination, and body awareness at each stage.

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How can trampoline help me become a better acrobat?

One of the essential aspects of flying trapeze is body awareness. Being fully aware of your body's position and movement in the air is crucial for executing precise tricks and maneuvers. Trampolining offers an ideal environment to develop and refine body awareness. When bouncing on a trampoline, you must constantly adjust and control your body's position to maintain balance and execute controlled jumps. This enhances your proprioception, which is your body's ability to sense its position and movements in space.


Duration: Once a week

Length: 1 hours a class


What you will learn?

Foundational techniques: perfect the basics skills like jumps, landing positions, and body awareness which are crucial for moving onto advanced flips and twists.

Simple Tricks and Skills: Basic trampoline classes introduce simple tricks and skills, such as seat drops, knee drops, and twists. These moves help you build confidence and coordination on the trampoline.

Jumping Combinations: As you progress, you will learn how to combine different jumps and skills into fluid sequences. This enhances your ability to transition smoothly between movements and adds variety to your routines.

Coordination and Timing: Trampoline classes improve your coordination and timing as you learn to synchronize your movements with the bouncing rhythm. This skill is essential for executing more advanced maneuvers.

Safety Awareness: Safety is a paramount aspect of trampoline training. Classes emphasize safety guidelines, teaching you how to jump within your abilities, avoid reckless moves, and create a safe environment for yourself and others.

What will you gain?

Master foundational trampoline skills

Fantastic physical workout

Courage and self-confidence needed for other aerial disciplines

Overall personal growth

Strength and coordination

A fun and challenging new skill set that will improve your overall physical potential


Classes are all ages so you can bring your kids and have a fun experience as a family!