Trapeze instructor holding kid on ladder

Kids Camp

”Best camp, ever!” - said every kid ever

Give your kiddos the experience of a lifetime. Beyond the flying fun and fresh air, CAMP SBTC was created to help develop applicable life skills while having a blast! 

Check out our next kids camp options below!

Summer Camp

Dates: 06/12/2023 – 09/01/2023

Time: M- TH 9am-3pm

9am-1pm Friday with showcases at 12:15pm

Prerequisites: None

Ages: 6-14

Pricing: $599.00 per week resident price

Spring Break Camp

Dates: March 27-31st

Time: M-TH 9am - 3pm

Friday done at 1pm with showcase at 12:15

Prerequisite: None

Ages: 6-14

Pricing: $600 for the week

Ask us about daily drop in possibilities @ $135 per day.

What will they gain?

New acrobatic talents they can be extremely proud of

Confidence in themselves by doing “scary things”

Self-assurance by conquering flying, tumbling and aerial arts

Resilience by learning how to remain calm in challenging situations

Community - being part of team in a group activity setting

Build supporting friendships 

Feeling seen - we all cheer for each other, a lot! 

What will they learn?

How to fly and catch on the trapeze

The fundamentals of various apparatuses: flying & static trapeze, aerial silks, lyra hoop & more

Ground tumbling & acrobatic balance 

Teamwork - how to contribute and support each other 


We wrap up the camp with a Showcase Event at 12:15 on Friday where the kids can dazzle their friends and family with their new found aerial mastery!

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