Where Adventure and Transformation Soar

Welcome to Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. (SBTC), a sanctuary of aerial arts and acrobatics nestled in the heart of Santa Barbara. Since our inception in 2019 by pioneers Randy Kohn and Shane Weaver, we’ve been on a mission to transcend the ordinary, offering a spectrum of aerial disciplines including flying trapeze, parkour, and acrobatics. SBTC isn’t just a place to learn; it’s a community where dreams soar, and personal boundaries are redefined.

Our Mission: To Elevate, Empower, and Connect Through Movement

Our core mission is rooted in the transformative power of aerial arts and acrobatics. We aim to elevate every individual who walks through our doors, empower them with strength and confidence, and connect them to a vibrant community that celebrates diversity and achievement. From the thrill of flying trapeze to the dynamic movements of parkour, we offer a unique blend of activities designed to uplift both body and spirit.

Diverse Programs for All Ages and Abilities

Open Classes & Workshops: Dive into the world of aerial arts with our open classes, suitable for all levels. Our workshops, led by best-in-class instructors, offer deep dives into specific skills and techniques.

Youth Camps & After-School Programs: Tailored for the younger adventurers, these programs combine fun and learning in an environment that fosters growth and friendship.

Adult Workshops: Specifically designed for adults, these sessions focus on skill development, fitness, and social connection, all within the supportive SBTC community.

Corporate Wellness Events: Elevate your team’s spirit with our corporate wellness events, designed to boost morale, enhance teamwork, and introduce a fun, healthy break from the office routine.

Special Celebrations: Celebrate milestones with us! Be it birthdays, anniversaries, or just because, we make every occasion unforgettable with high-flying fun and excitement.

Educational Field Trips for Social and Emotional Learning: Our field trips offer a unique blend of physical activity and SEL principles, helping students develop confidence, teamwork, and resilience in a fun and supportive environment.

Mobile Activations: We bring the excitement to you with assemblies, gym programs, and expanded learning opportunities that make aerial arts accessible to schools and organizations throughout the region.

Mobile Activations for Parkour: Celebrate birthdays and school programs with our mobile parkour setup, bringing dynamic and adventurous activities directly to your location.

Why Choose Santa Barbara Trapeze Co.?

Expert Instruction: Our instructors are the heart of our offerings. With a passion for teaching and a dedication to safety, they ensure every participant flies high with confidence.

Community at Our Core: SBTC is where individuals from all walks of life come together, united by a love for aerial arts. Here, every achievement is celebrated, and every challenge is faced with support.

Innovation in Every Leap: We’re at the forefront of aerial arts education, incorporating the latest teaching methods and collaborating with renowned instructors to bring you unparalleled experiences.

Join the SBTC Family

Whether you’re taking your first leap into the air, looking to refine your skills, or seeking a unique way to strengthen team bonds or celebrate a special occasion, Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. offers an inspiring setting to achieve the extraordinary. Join us, and let your adventure begin.