Built from the pure love of trapeze and the thrill-seeking feeling of flying, Santa Barbara Trapeze Company (SBTC) was founded by the dynamic trio: Randy, Efe, and Shane, who have cultivated a most memorable, truly unique experience.

With over 50+ combined years of teaching, and a contagious enthusiasm for flying, you are in the best hand grip you’ll ever have, which comes in handy when they are catching you in the air. Combining aerial arts + fitness + adventure + pure fun, our classes offer something special for everyone.

Most people find that they come for the flying but leave with much more. “You come for the thrill, but stay for the journey”

You see, there is a strong sense of courageousness that floods through you when you attempt something new and seemingly daring like this (especially swinging amongst the trees). There’s a freedom one experiences as they trust themselves and take the first swoosh. This proud wave of accomplishment, “I DID THAT”, settles into your body and you feel really, really good.

That feeling is why we are so passionate about bringing the SBTC experience to YOU!