Shane Weaver

Director & Co-Founder

Born in Australia, a region notorious for its adventurous spirit, it’s only fitting that Shane sought the thrill of trapeze at the age of 18 and learned under some of the best aerialist in the world. His athletic and performance training extends far beyond flying as he has a vast education in many ground circus art forms. His appetite for extreme sports is insatiable and doesn’t stop there. Shane was the Australian Speed Waterskiing Champion before becoming a trapeze artist, further proving his love for feeling the wind in his face and the thirst for the thrill. 

After becoming head flying coach and lead instructor over the years at various Circus Companies and Trapeze schools, he created quite a name for himself and traveled as a sought-after guest instructor at some the most prestigious flying schools in the US.

But don’t let his daring façade fool you. Behind his high-flying exterior, Shane is extremely grounded and offers a compassionate way of teaching at the Rig. With a background in life coaching, there is an ease and wisdom in him that really connects with all who come fly with Shane- Director and co-founder at Santa Barbara Trapeze Co.