Soarin' Santa barbara

Let's Fly

Randy Kohn


His charisma is as spirited as his aerial skills! Paired with a flashy and friendly smile that puts even the most terrified of flyers at ease, making you instantly feel like part of the gang here at the Rig.

Flying since the age of 12 at the French Woods Festival Circus Camp, he later went on to become lead instructor at all 3 prestigious New York Aerial Arts schools and taught alongside some of Trapeze’s most notable performing aerial legends. He’s performed professionally with the award-winning, Flying Royals, The High Flying Pages and The Flying Farfans, where he achieved the ultimate feat in trapeze- catching the triple somersault! 

Fun Fact: Randy’s skills even landed him a feature in Tom Moore’s landmark flying film “The Flight Fantastic”.

Randy’s energy expands beyond the skies. This business savvy entrepreneur has become a Real-estate powerhouse, has successfully helped scale multiple Tech companies, and of course, helped construct Santa Barbara Trapeze Company; a place where Randy’s dreams and talents have a place to soar.

Combining his love of leadership and lineage, he’s passing on what he has learned and created- a cultural mix of athletic practitioners and multi-layered individuals from all walks of life. Randy is far from “hanging up his tights” despite his successes as a “tech bro”. Look for him overhead when you come to fly at SBTC.

Exploring Flying Physics

Uncover the principles of flight as students delve into gravity, force, and momentum concepts. Our interactive workshops break down the physics of trapeze movements, allowing participants to design their own mini-experiments. Experience the thrill of flight while gaining insights into balance, pendulum motion, and trajectory.

Engineering Heights and Industrial Equipment

Engage in engineering challenges inspired by trapeze structures. Students design and construct mini-trapeze rigs, applying principles of stability, load distribution, and structural integrity. As a unique addition, participants gain hands-on experience with our industrial lifting equipment, learning the mechanics and engineering behind erecting a full trapeze frame. This practical encounter equips students with valuable skills for real-world applications.

Mathematics in Motion

Mathematics becomes an adventure as students calculate angles, distances, and trajectories essential for trapeze maneuvers. Engaging activities employ geometry to predict a swinging trapeze artist's path and optimize movements. This integration enhances mathematical thinking and spatial reasoning, demonstrating the beauty of math in action.

Artistry in Aerial Expression

Embracing the "A" in STEAM, students explore the artistic dimension of trapeze. They craft choreographed routines that intertwine movement, music, and storytelling. This segment encourages creative expression, emphasizing the pivotal role of aesthetics in fostering innovation.

Culminating Showcase

Culminate the program with a captivating showcase where students celebrate their newfound trapeze skills and present STEM/STEAM projects. Witness their growth, confidence, and interdisciplinary talents as they share their accomplishments with peers, teachers, and families.