Soarin' Santa barbara

Let's Fly


Andy was born in Venezuela and grew up in New York.  When he is not at the rig, he is working in our Human Resources department. Andy brings over 10 years of HR and project management experience and is excited to be a part of this wonderful team.  He has been an athlete his entire life and while being new to trapeze, Andy has taken an immediate passion for the art.  Under the instruction of team, he has reached his beginner goals and looks forward to continuing to grow his skillset.  
Hobbies - Spending time with my family, Watching and playing sports, Traveling to places I’ve never been too, 
What’s your spirit animal - American Bald Eagle, couldn’t tell you why but I’ve been fascinated since I was a kid.
What’s your favorite aerial trick - Learning as I go!  I will one day know enough to pick a favorite.  
What are a few words to describe you/personality? - All 3 guys on ‘Friends’ rolled into one.
What’s your guilty pleasure - Anything chocolate 
Go to karaoke song - Johnny Be Good 
A motto you live by - A.R.K.