Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. swings back positive park programing

Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. swings back positive park programingrograming


SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Santa Barbara’s first city park is swinging back with a safe summer activity. 

Plaza Vera Cruz Park is now home to the Santa Barbara Trapeze Company.

Prior to the pandemic, the park had a long and troubled history that included homelessness, drug use and other illegal activity. 

Ever since the City of Santa Barbara put fences around the park last March to prevent the public from entering, it’s been completely cleaned up and converted.

“Putting the fence up allowed us to move a lot of the misuse and illegal behavior that was here at this location,” parks and recreation manager Rich Hanna said.

Now, it’s a place filled with fun in the sun.

“With COVID coming to an end, we were a perfect solution to do something really special within the park,” Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. co-owner Randy Kohn said.

Since moving from Earl Warren Showgrounds in May, the Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. has been offering private lessons and a summer kids camp.


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