Soaring High: Trapeze Lessons Inspire Resilience and Grit in Pediatric Cancer Warriors


In Santa Barbara, an extraordinary collaboration between Santa Barbara Trapeze Company and Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation is bringing about a transformation in the lives of children battling pediatric cancer. Through trapeze flying lessons, these young warriors are not only conquering the fear of heights but also developing invaluable social-emotional skills, resilience, and grit.


Under this unique partnership, families from Ventura and Santa Barbara counties gather at Plaza Vera Cruz Park, where Santa Barbara Trapeze Company provides a safe and exhilarating space for these brave individuals. By engaging in trapeze flying, children and their siblings discover their inner strength, build confidence, and overcome fears that may have arisen during their cancer journey.


Recognizing the immense impact of these trapeze lessons on the well-being of these children, Santa Barbara Trapeze Company is hosting a community event on July 29th. This event serves as a celebration of their achievements and aims to raise awareness for the cause championed by Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. The event promises a playful afternoon, complete with taco trucks, face painters, and an atmosphere brimming with joy.

Randy Kohn, the owner of Santa Barbara Trapeze Company, deeply admires the children’s resilience, stating, “Their unwavering spirit and fearlessness inspire us all. We are privileged to be part of their journey towards empowerment.” Such sentiments echo the heartfelt appreciation expressed by the TBCF staff and board of directors.

Co-founder of Santa Barbara Trapeze Co, Shane Weaver, has been working every week with these brave kids and shares “I feel a sense of joy and excitement witnessing them push past their comfort zones, face fear in a very real way, displaying amazing courage and grit. You can feel the newfound sense of confidence they walk away with.”

This remarkable partnership between Santa Barbara Trapeze Company and Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation showcases the potential for small businesses and local nonprofits to create a lasting impact. By providing avenues for social-emotional learning activities and fostering a sense of community support, we can help these young warriors develop resilience and grit that will serve them throughout their lives.

As the trapeze lessons continue to empower children battling pediatric cancer, we invite the community to join Santa Barbara Trapeze Company and Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation in their mission. Together, let us champion resilience, grit, and social-emotional learning for these young fighters and create a community bound by support and hope.


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