Efe Ilkay

Originally from Izmir, Turkey, Efe Ilkay traveled to Connecticut on a study abroad program where he fell in love with flying trapeze while working at a Summer camp. His new-found aerial passion persuaded his short-term US visit to extend indefinitely. Continuing his training in the circus arts, Efe gained an esteemed reputation and soon after started performing in various arenas, including: Cirque de la Symphonie, George Carden Circus, Españas Circus, and worked as a stunt technician for the Fear Factor Live Show. Coaching at the most prestigious trapeze schools around the country for the past 15+ years, it was only natural that he developed multiple schools and has since designed circus programs and camps for budding aerialists.

Known for his unique and incredibly enthusiastic coaching style, it’s easy to see why his students love taking classes from him. Plus, having built many rigs in his career, Efe’s extensive knowledge of the physics of aerial apparatuses and precise, signature catching technique, make him an incredible mentor of the skies. Now rooted in Santa Barbara, you can find Efe and his encouraging smile soar through the skies as the proud co-founder of SBTC.