Carter Fields

MEET CARTER! Carter is one of our fly instructors over here at SBTC. 

Originally from Santa Barbara, CA. Carter was introduced to trapeze here at SBTC by a friend who brought him to class and he’s been hooked ever since!

Keep up with Carter at @thepowerofthemind_sb



Hobbies: Parkour/free running, kinesiology, I love learning about the body, gaming, and dog training!

What’s your spirit animal?My spirit animal is definitely a monkey!

What’s your favorite aerial trick? double backflip

What are a few words to describe you/personality? Adventurous, Driven, Cheerful, Patient, I just want to have a fun time!

What’s your guilty pleasure: Gaming is a guilty pleasure

Go to a karaoke song? Don’t go breaking my heart!

Anything unique or interesting that makes you tick?Happiness makes me tick! I try to do what I enjoy every day of my life, and trapeze does that for me!

A motto you live by: The power of the mind!